The Mercy Duo featuring Lynda Day

The Mercy Duo is a great way to experience the wonderful voice and charm of Lynda Day in a smaller, quieter and more intimate setting.  Wineries, small clubs, restaurants, house concerts...any venue that wants music! The Mercy Duo performs originals and covers in an unplugged style.  

House Concerts

The Mercy Duo is currently booking "House Concerts" along with the other venues they regularly perform in. 

House concerts are great for solo artists, duos and trios - blues, jazz, folk, classical music in particular are well suited for creating a miniature concert hall in your living room, family room, etc. You get the beautiful nuances of voices and instruments, up close and personal. They are happening all over the world now and many artists are using them to either fill up their open dates or they are doing house concerts exclusively.

House concerts don't need to be difficult to put on.  You are basically providing a space for the performers and some of your friends.  Some folks will have a potluck style meal before the concert and perhaps provide refreshments. There is no need to advertise as they are invitation only and house concerts are often underwritten all or in part by the host or sponsor(s) in combination with admission donations from attendees.

For more information on hosting house concerts check out 

If the idea of having an intimate performance in your home to share with 25 to 30 like-minded music fans appeals to you, then please consider booking The Mercy Duo for a house concert.  Use our Contact page to inquire with us and we will work out all the details with you.  This could be very fun!

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